Tharnthong Lodges Chiang Mai Wedding

Chiang Mai Thailand Documentary Wedding Photography

Photo by NET-Photography

Chiang Mai Thailand Documentary Wedding Photography

Tharnthong Lodges Chiang Mai Thailand

Laura and Hamish’s destination wedding at Tharnthong Lodges in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This location was approximately 60 minutes drive to the east from Chiang Mai downtown. It is located on a mountain with very beautiful scenery.

We started the photography coverage from bride and groom getting ready for their wedding. They both had their own room not so far away from each other. Majority of the time was focused on the bride. We also took this moment to photograph the setup and decorations of the ceremony area.

The ceremony was a simple wedding ceremony. There were speeches, lighting of a candle, and exchange of wedding rings. After the ceremony we photographed the wedding couple greeted their wedding guest before proceeded to taking group pictures. After the group pictures with the wedding guest, we spent about 30 minutes doing portraits of the wedding couple around the venue. The lighting was perfect during this time of day and the venue itself was simply amazing.

After a quick portraits of the couple, we switched back to documentary mode and photographed the wedding couple chatting and interacting with their wedding guest. We also used this moment to photograph the setup and decorations of the dinner area. The wedding couple sat down next to a campfire for some private moment and we were able to capture this from a distance without flash. This photograph wouldn’t be possible few years ago. Because of our latest top of the line Nikon camera, we were able to capture the moment and the atmosphere with just the light from the camp fire. The flash would have caused distraction. 

After the dinner, we moved over to a lawn to release lanterns. It was a very fun and exciting moment for both the wedding couple and their guest. We were also able to capture this with just the light from the lanterns. There was no flash photography at all.

We also photographed the first dance and party using our unique documentary approach. The wedding couple and guest were relax and the photos came out great.

Our apporach to wedding day photography is different from most photographer in Thailand. We don’t pose, direct or give any instruction to the bride and groom, or their wedding guest at all. We capture the wedding day as it happens. With this approach, we were able to produce beautiful, emotional and meaningful wedding photos. However, we do give some instructions during group pictures, where it is needed.

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Photo by NET-Photography | Chiang Mai Wedding Photographer
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Wedding Venue

Tharnthong Lodges
Huai Kaeo, Mae On District, Chiang Mai 50130

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