Saraburi Thailand Wedding Photography

The Buda Muaklek Resort, Sunflower Field and Chet Waterfall Saraburi Thailand

Pre-Wedding (Engagement Session / Prenuptial) photos of Yuen and Chan, wedding couple from Hong Kong. These photos were taken at the following locations in Saraburi, Thailand

We received the disc today. Thank you very much.
Before received the disc , I had repeated to view the link that u sent to us many many many times…then I thought back our Thailand trip & funny things on shooting day. Firstly, we would like to  say thank you to you for bring us to my dream place sunflower field ,actually it’s not easy to find at saraburi ,but we had done it finally & it became a rich & beautiful memory of my life 🙂  This is the first time to invite photographer & take this category of photos for us,we are  appreciated  to see your professional & aggressive. I always remember Nat always say look at each other.. and look at each other 🙂   Thanks again  for giving us a great experience ,I hope we will see you again  & I think I & Steven will not be a robot next time ,Yeah! 🙂Yuen and Chan - Hong Kong
This pre-wedding (engagement session / prenuptial) is also available on Facebook, Youtube and Flickr.

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