Ayutthaya Thailand Wedding Photography

Ayothaya Floating Market and Ayutthaya Elephant Village Thailand

Thailand Ayutthaya Wedding Photographer – Pre-Wedding (Engagement session, prenuptial) photos of Cherlyn and Ben from Singapore. These photos were taken at Ayothaya Floating Market and Elephant Village in Ayutthaya, Thailand. The couple was staying at Lebua Hotel in Bangkok. We started the day with makeup at hairdo at 7AM. Usually the makeup and hairdo for pre-wedding photo shoot takes 2 hours. However, since this makeup also included trail for wedding day makeup and hairdo, the whole process took 3 hours to complete. We left Lebua Hotel at 10AM and drove to Ayutthaya for photo shoot at these two locations. We finished the photo shoot at 6PM.

This pre-wedding (engagement session) is also available on Facebook, Youtube and Flickr.

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